Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bachelor Life to the MAX

"Live your bachelor life to the Max, and hey, you only live once!"
"Being a bachelor is the tops"
"After all, you can retain your what you want to do"
"Be who you want to be!"As for tidying up,
Let's face's just enough to be organised

Remember to keep the sofa free from clutter
but maintain those little personal touches for ambience

Keep an armchair free! Just in case there's guest!
And don't forget to eat!
Every MAN needs to eat
Careful Sweeping can create areas of soft lighting and subtle shade
Maintain an artistic temperament
(doesn't that look lovely in that light?)
Keep a corner free for meditation.
Above all..
remember who you are..
your the boss (look!! there's a cup with THE BOSS written on it)


jlevel said...

you my odd friend have made our morning sittin here on the couch in oviedo, spain. i am a bukouski child, and you are the second Max!!

FC said...

Very, very nasty!! Luckily I haven't been to a place that is THAT filthy yet (although some are close).

Winston Hoo said...

OMG, that bathroom...

cc said...

OMG!!! MY EYES! I would rather die than living in a place that filthy. Being the clean freak that I am.