Monday, May 21, 2007

Fruit and Vegetables Sculptures

These are photos of animal sculptures using fruits and vegetables. Its amazing how the sculptor can use just fruits and vegetables together to form such an art. Animal sculpture include rabbit, goldfish, pig, hamster and etc. Enjoy.

Update: Talented blogger Cecilia Yong has her own version of vege animal. They’re the cutest!


Rose said...

Eeee.. so cute.. where did u get them from?

Shally said...

those are cute man! i love those sheeps~~

MonkeyWong said...

very cute,
anybody do one for monkey

Myst3 said...

Rose,Shally, Monkey,
Glad you like them....i'll be more aware of the monkey next time...if i found one...i'll let you know 1st instance..hahah!