Thursday, May 10, 2007

Creative Advertisement

Here are some of the interesting/creative advertisement found.
I will post more in the future!

If you like these, you would absolutely LOVE this page.
Note: You don't have to understand the language of this page, as picture says a thousand words.


~Myst3~ said...

This post is dedicated to WINSTON HOO!!

cc said...

Very clever and creative in deed! :)

p/s: Thanks for dropping by! :)

LWJ said...

hehe..not bad..

Winston Hoo said...

myst3, these photos are simply amazing! I like the HSBC ad, very creative. The last one with the poster of a pair of hot legs on the cashier's counter is so funny!

Thanks for sharing!

Alec said...


Anonymous said... dude..hah ..