Friday, May 18, 2007

Are Men better Drivers than Women?

Are men better drivers than women? and are women better drivers than man? It is a question long being asked, and the answer is often debatable against both sexes. So which sex are better drivers?
If this question was directed to me, this would be my answer:

Women can't see obstacle even in front of the car
Women can't differentiate what's D and R in automatic transmission vehicle.
Woman see things differently than man,
e.g. man see BIG rock, woman see small rock.Women: Cars are designed to travel from A to B
Men: DIFFERENT cars are designed for DIFFERENT terrain
Specially designed carpark?
I don't even know how to comment about these,
I have no explanation of how this happened.
So there you have it. Picture worth a thousand words.
I need not to answer!

Now Girls, calm down. I do not mean to be sexism and show
prejudice against female but here are the evidences. Can't argue with that right?

Alright, enough of my testosterone rambling.
Here's the real fact:
According to Auto Insurance Centre, it stated that:

"....males, especially young men, tend to drive more aggressively than women and display their aggression......male drivers are more likely than women to break the law, and the male of the species tends to be more of a risk-taker...therefore making women better drivers.."

Happy now ladies??
P/s:It was a female driver!!!


cc said...

God, were these people trying to pull a stunt or something?!

LWJ said...

Nissan Fairlady!! until like this..