Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cooking an Egg with Mobile Phones

I have come across an article on the net where it claims that mobile phones are bad for your body. Seriously, how true is it? Personally I don’t believe the following article, simply because if this is really the true harm by using mobile phone, then shouldn’t all mobile phone be banned?? Anyway, believe it or not it’s up to you. If you do believe it’s true, then please donate your phone to me, I’ll help you dispose it in a safe manner way (Call me!!). But if you don’t believe it, then hey! It serves some entertainment value doesn’t it?
Anyone who has tried this, please tell me if it works or not!!

We need:

One egg and 2 mobiles
65 minutes to call from one phone to the other
Set up something like in the graphic
We'll initiate the call between the mobiles to last for 65 min's approximately;
Nothing will happen on the first 15 minutes...
After 25 minutes the egg starts warming up, after 45 min's;
The egg is already hot; and after 65 min's the egg is cooked
If the microwave radiation emitted by the mobiles is capable to modify the proteins in the egg. Imagine what it can do with the proteins in our brains when we talk through the mobiles.

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clement said...

your balls will be fired if u have 2 phone... tats the morale.. hehe