Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creative Advertisement 2

Yet another Creative Advertisements.
This is a sequal of the previous creative advertisements.
Companies nowaday will pay top dollars for creative, witty advertisement to catch peoples' attention.
See below :
Ballet Classes Advertisement
Paints Advertisement
Razor Billboard
Adidas Advertisement
Bubblegum Advertisement
Phone Call Advertisement
Ribbed Condom Advertisement
Fed-Ex Advertisement
Zoo Advertisement
Karate School Advertisement
Liquid Paper Advertisement
Legos' Advertisement

Nike's Advertisement
Quit Smoking Advertisement
Weight Loss Advertisement
Fabric Softener Advertisement


Winston Hoo said...

How did these ppl come out with the idea?? I like the razor, lego and quit smoking ads.

Thanks for sharing!

WhitetulipS said...

lol.. i've seen this b4.. in one of the fwd emails... really salute ppl who came out with these ideas!

JennyHow said...

wow! those are so creative. i thoroughly enjoyed looking looking at them. Cool.