Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transformers Optimus Prime Protoform

Look at what I've bought the other day

It's a Transformers Optimus Prime I have always love robots, just it's difficult to come across a robot worth buying. I've found this through wandering in toy section of the department store. Yeah~ I know I know, I am a bit too old to wander in toy section. But I do admit, toy section is my favourite place to be in the whole department store (I guessed I had a "toy-less" childhood)
What is it?
Transformers Optimus Prime Protoform

$A 23.88

Big W

Why buy them?
1. One of my much love toy
2. to fufilled my "toy-less" childhood

Cool eh~!



Sae Wei said...

childish betul lar...
But it is DAMN cool man!!!!!!!!! myst kor kor.. i want i want..kekekkee

Russ said...

That looks nothing like the original Optimus Prime... I still like the old classics.. :)

Myst3 said...

SW: Come here and i'll buy you 1

Russ: I didn't realise until you told me, yeah you're right! This is not the original "Truck" Optimus Prime, I went home and had a closer look, and added in "protoform" in this post. I guessed this is one of the Optimus Prime (Main character's) friend. The main character is 20 bucks more expensive than this one i have! So wanting to get that