Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Police Cars In some Countries

You are able to compare them which one is the best
Police Cars In Some Countries
In Japan - Nissan Skyline GTR - Max Speed 280km/h
In Italy - Peugeot - Max Speed 340km/hIn USA - Chevy Corvette
In Spain - AUDI TT - Max Speed 280km/h
In French - Lamborgini Gallardo - Max Speed 320km/h
Now for the Ultimate Police Car in the World
Maximum Speed is not disclosed due to Security Reasons


Russ said...

haha, Singapore has Subaru's.. Malaysia is probably on par with Manila.. :)

Myst3 said...

think singapore's a rx, rather than much loved WRX

Anonymous said...

"Italy" Peugeot is a fake ans the last one is in Italy not in France.