Thursday, June 7, 2007

Amazing Colors Display - Sony Ad

A very nice advertisement about the ways of using buildings, colors and small amount of explosives.
It is truly spectacular how they exploded every single color along the perimeter of the buildings to the top levels.
All colors were amazingly displayed in fireworks style explosions.
It is truly colors/advertisement like no others by Sony Bravia LCD TV.


Shally said...

how you know if it is true colour? but it's amaizing and so nice. like the art of it...*applaus*

Russ said...

Great video and great blog.. came across it on kennysia.. Looks like there was a lot of work done to that video, would like to see it on a big screen in full HD.. :)

Myst3 said...

shally: yeah we don't know, might be video editing..but still great idea thou

Russ: thanks HD * imagine me sitting in frnt of the tv....*Drooling