Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jeddah Accord

This post is for the car lovers.
When I got this email, I wondered what's "Jeddah"?
After some research on the internet, I found out that
"Jeddah is a major urban centre and the wealthiest city in Saudi Arabia"
Did you see the "wealthiest"?
Anyway, there is this Honda Accord been heavily modified in Jeddah city.
Modification include, hydraulic suspensions, wheels, motorised doors, hoods, and bonnet, and many many more.
This is by far the most crazy and expensive modified accord I ever seen.


Cecilia Yong said...

Hey... tht car's cool but then if you park.. how to open the door then??

Myst3 said...

yeah u're right...never thought of that! Imagine passengers at the back need to climb to the front to go out..haha!

stock said...

Cool. I want one of that. Drop in2 my site sometime n leave a comment. Thx