Sunday, May 4, 2008

Videos of the day

I am sorry for my lack of update these few weeks, importance changes have taken place in my space of time, thus making me really difficult to update and I am still adjusting to my schedule of life. I do sincerely offer my apologize to the readers (if there’s any).

Just a quick update this time.

Presenting four good videos found in Youtube.

First one:
From Britain's Got Talent
Quote from Piers Morgan: …..Where it’s really unexpected, fully of surprises, incredibly entertaining and the crowd love it and it’s brilliant

Needless to say anything from my part.

Second one:

Take the test, and be surprise with the result.

Third one:

A video of a guy trapped in an elevator for 41 hours
Quite interesting but boring at the same time. Judge for yourself.

Here is one parody of the above “trapped in lift” video.
this one is called
Trapped in elevator………with diarrhea.

Till next time,
be strong and be confident!

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