Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Myst3 Survival Guide

Time for dinner!

I went out and got myself some bacon pieces and a piece of chicken breast. I've only used half of each.

First, boil the egg

I found a packet of instant noodle in the cupboard!!

Boil another pot of water, put in some bacon pieces
and chicken breast,

and let the boilig water cook both meat for a few minutes.

at the mean while, prepare seasonings on a plate

by the way, this is my favourite plate!!

when meats are cooked, put in both noodles and vegetables

In this case, I've used Heinz peas and corns

Peel egg and cut them in half.
After two-three minutes on the noodles, drain water, and put everything on the plate. Mix noodles and meats together with the seasoning.
TA DA!!!!
1. Noodle - $0.55
2. Half of the bacon bought - $0.60
3. Half of the chicken breast - $1.00
4. Egg - $0.30
5. Peas & Corn - $0.40 (approx)
Total Price: $ 2.55

The best part about my last night dinner was to realise that the noodles was actually EXPIRED!!!!!

BEST BEFORE 15 07 2007



Anonymous said...

From the first few pics, i already noticed the date d. HA! i knew it. u're gonna have another expired food again! sighs.. nway, it can't be that bad to take expired food right. it says best before mah. Like ur previous entry.. it doesn't harm ur health oso pun. Just state there BEST BEFORE hoh..

Dodo said...
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Myst3 said...

thanks for dropping by....! i'm still alive and kicking thanks for the concern

ck AE76 said...

2.55 is expensive leh... how to survive? lol

N!ck said...

Noodle - $0.55
Half of the bacon bought - $0.60
Half of the chicken breast - $1.00
Egg - $0.30
Peas & Corn - $0.40 (approx)

Expired Noodles in stomach - Priceless

JG said...

2.55 X 3 = RM7.65 wow so expensive wor your dinner. RM7.65 can buy regular KFC plate.