Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bigger the Better?

I have been using my old 17 inch monitor for 2++ years now.
I don’t really mind my old 17 inch monitor other than the height of the display. To overcome the height, an empty box was used to raise the monitor high enough for my eye level.
It has been working pretty well for me until last few night while I was doing some work on the computer, it went KABOOM. Alright, it didn’t explode, it first blinked for one second and the next second.----total darkness. I don’t know what had happened to my monitor, it sure didn’t come back to life for me. I did try couple of times, but yet it just died on me.
So what does it mean by having a DEAD monitor?
A new monitor of course!

I went out and get this.

A humongous 22 inch Asus monitor. Now I have being using it for a couple of hours now, and it’s quite big to be honest. I’ve also configured my mouse movement and display resolution to fit my new monitor. It sure does take time to get used to it. Even if I maximized ….say…microsoft word or internet browser, half of the screen are blank due to the big display.
Even porn video looks good on bigger screen. It feels like I am actually IN IT DOING IT!!!
To get an idea of how big the screen is,
I can fit blogging, while reading kenny sia, while doing some work on both WORDS and EXCEL on them. It's a really good multi tasking tool for me. Yay!

My ZEN area is pretty much complete now,
with my recaro seat + back pillow
with my new monitor,
and with my porn
Hmmm....I'm loving it!

I think I am still missing a "do not disturb" sign on my area!!
by the way, anyone knows how to configure resolution on BIOS?


mangokiss said...

Your new screen is so sexy. So, you like Japanese porn eh? *takes note*
Funny post. Loved it.

naeboo~ said...

the jap girls not hot oneeeeeee

: (((

Anonymous said...

lol mango loves it, i love it twice. but not the porn... so geli on big screen. like watching ppl doing it on the streets in sibu.

Myst3 said...

MngKis: why do ya need to take note? you gotta send me jap porn???

Naeboo: the pictures are for Illustrative purposes la... in fact i don't hav much "video" to choose from. hehe

JG: got people doing it on the street in sibu? you have seen before?? wow!!! next time remember to call me leh..we watch together....lolz

Innocent^^Guy said...

i like the gurls in the pic! Can I get the full video from you or not! He He.

Myst3 said...

Cal: I've got lots of same request from others too !!! hehehe! Lets X-change!!