Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Northern Lights - Adelaide Pro Version

Not long ago, I posted the Northern Lights at Adelaide.

I have the professional version.
I hope you all enjoy!

This is the work of TONY WOOD

He wrote

Celebrating one of the most beautiful cultural boulevards in the world for the duration of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, Adelaide’s historic architectural icons were painted with light and coloured with life.

• The State Library of South Australia, The South Australian Museum, The Art Gallery of South Australia on North Terrace are the sandstone cornerstones of our culture, illuminating and enlightening each generation. For the month of March 2008, they themselves took the spotlight every night from dusk till 2am.

• The transformation of the facades was achieved by the artists from the internationally acclaimed The Electric Canvas.

• Through a constantly changing array of perfect, jaw-dropping architectural projection, reflecting the heritage and function of these beautiful buildings, Colonel Light’s 19th century vision became a 21st-century vision in light.
Here are the buildings

The Institute Building

Mortlock Library

State Museum

Art Gallery

Mitchell Building

Elder Hall

Bonython Hall

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