Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to maintain one's DIGNITY and PRIDE on roller coaster rides

Put hands in pockets to control fingers

rollercoaster funny reaction



Smile widely to show your beautiful teeth. Or at least try to smile.

.roller coaster funny


There is no need to pray (including fingers in Lotus Posture)

funny reaction rollercoaster .


Wear only old shirts

funny rollercoaster snap .


Never sit in front of a Dirty Old Man  ;-))

rollercoaster photo funny .


Keep your eyes open if you are helping children

rollercoaster funny .


This is NOT the way to show your intelligence

funny rollercoaster .


Watch your medications. Some make you over relaxed.

rollercoaster funny picture .


Finally, if it gets too much to handle, just let go

rollercoaster puke

*look at the guy who open his wide mouth at the back


© bLurr said...

hahahah. 6th photo, the funniest pics for me. :DD

Claire said...

the photo under "Never sit in front of a Dirty Old Man ;-))" is really funny...but u r right...never sit in front of a dirty old man...haha damn funny