Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 will be a year for us

Do you know what i love about malaysia!?



some other things as well.

take this for example.

these tablets are banned in australia (not totally la, still can get them, just really hard – really really hard).  They asked lots of question before you getting your hands onto them. maximum they give u 20 tablet max.DSC08055

In Msia, after making a few phone calls. I go Woo hoo!

Im not going to tell you what ingredient is valuable. 

but people would pay quite a lot of money for in Australiafebricol pseudoephedrine

one box = 20 sheets

Febricol pseduoephedrine 1one sheets = 10 tablets Febricol

total obtain

5 boxes = 100 sheets = 1,000 tablets


For some smark thinking of getting these into australia for a buck, THINK AGAIN!  U’ll get caught and put into a jail! Dun play play ah.

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