Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gummy Bear

I am so happy because I'm a Gummy Bear.

Funny + Quirky Video!

Thumbs up!!!!

Just in case the video doesn't work try this one instead

Update: Unfortunately the video doesn't exists anymore due to copyright issue.

Here's another Gummy Bear Video.

This is the German version of crazy frog

is it as annoying as the crazy frog!!?

yeah this gummy bear is annoying


Anonymous said...

For a sec, i thought the gummy bear was biting his own lil birdie but later i then found out.. wat de!!! It was only his legs that he's biting. Holy shit! i thought i am famous of misreading things. Now i'm even famous of mis-interpreting actions.

Dodo said...

Haha.. the froggy looks cute to me though. i just dont know why u said its annoying. It's just so cute that i replay it over n over again.

Somehow it reminds me of Steven Lim... Look at his yellow undies.. does it remind u of him?

Myst3 said...

anonymous:You are blur! Little birdie???? you need help i think..hehe
Dodo: It's a GREEN BEAR. you also blur. Steven LIM?? huh? remind me of him? er...NO..! Hahaha...