Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dinner @ The Lions

Yet another dinner time moment.

My friend and I went to THE LIONS restaurant the other night,
here’s what we had

-Fish of the day-
Grilled fish with whatever, whatever (forgot what it was called)

$A 30.99

Coorong Angus M.S.A* Graded scotch fillet with fries and mustard
*Meat Standards Australia.

$A 31.90

Vine Tomatoes with Rocket, Shallots, Fetta & White Balsamic

$A 9.90
  1. The place has great silver services, ambient (dimmed lights) and environment (great decoration) was perfect for couples or relaxing dinner. But my friend and I didn’t enjoy at all. 1st of all, we are not couple, and 2nd, we just went there purely for the food, not chit chat, not catching up, but FOOD, purely for FOOD.

    2. Waiters/waitresses there were well dressed, well mannered, and making sure everything is alright, thus they came to our table couple of times to ask the question, “how’s everything?”, “how’s the fish and etc”. Their approach made us a bit uneasy at times, it is like they are observing every move we have, one raised eyebrow, they will come rushing to you and ask (haha! Maybe we have trust issue). Don’t get me wrong, the services were great, but we were just so hungry, that we don’t care if the food’s a bit imperfect.

    3. We waited for nearly half hour for the food to come! :( were so hungry that words can’t describe it.

    4. The fish tasted great, fresh! I had my steak well done, thus a bit charcoal burnt like, although it’s well done, the tenderness retained. The fries on the side of the steak were a big disappointment, I expected some classy unique “fries”, but the fries were no different from McDonalds (honestly! They tasted the same!!). Normally main meals comes with salads, don't know why we have to order sides just for salad (rip off?)

    5. If you want to celebrate a special occasion or to propose to your love one, go here! It’s the perfect place for it. If you want a quick and easy meal like what we were that day, it’s better off to go else where!


生番薯 said...

the fish steak looks tempting~!

Myst3 said...

You R Sure my 2nd biggest fan. RAWPOTATO

jane said...

Food look nice...

Myst3 said...

yeah jane, the food look nice! I ta bao for you