Friday, September 21, 2007

APEC 2007 in Sydney

Apec – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation is a forum for a group of 21 Pacific Rim Countries that represent 60% of the world’s economy to discuss the regional economy, cooperation, trade and investment. The annual Apec this year (2007) was held in Sydney Australia on the 8-9 September 2007. My friend happens to work in a building next to the one where Apec was held this year. He had captured these photos – some pretty interesting yet intense photos.

The Cadilac which America’s President was in. Notice the American Flag?

Look at who do we have here?
Zooming in! It's Australia's President (John Howard) walking side by side with Mr Bush - America's President.

God Knows what's on the roof of the car

The security were tight that day, several Sniper were getting ready for some Action.
Zooming in...
Look at the Gun sniper used.
the tight surveillance.
Gd work! At least our tax monies are worth it.

APEC will be held in lima - PERU next year


clement said...

this is where all of them in the conference were against rafida aziz rite?

生番薯 said...

those pic really shocking!!!can send to paparazzi..

Anonymous said...

He's (was) the Australian Prime Minister not President