Monday, June 7, 2010


God Bless America!

with their wonderful food

fat guy big burger


The Jabaconageburger With Cheese
A cheeseburger patty topped with bacon and sausage between two jamaican beef patties

Jabaconageburger with cheese 

Corn Dog Pizza

corndog pizza

The Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt

Double Bacon Hamburger Three bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwichs for buns, cheese, bacon and two four-ounce beefs patties.

French Fry-Encased Hot Dog On A Stick

French fry hot dog


A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in baconTurbaconucken

The HamdogHamdog

A hot dog wrapped in a beef patty that's deep fried, covered with chili, cheese, onions, served on a hoagie bun topped with two fistfuls of fries and a fried egg.

Tombstone Deep Dish Pizza Vending Machine

tombstone deep dish pizza vending machine 

Bacon Shell Tacos

Bacon Shell Tacos 

The Meat Shipthe meat ship
Made from bacon, sausages, pastry, franks and pork mince.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

chicago deep dish pizza 

Gregory's 120 Ounce Steak

120 ounce steak 

In-N-Out 100x100 Burger

100x100 burger 

Bacon Donutbacon donut 

Tongue And Pastrami Sandwich

Tongue and pastrami sandwich 

Waffle Couch
Waffle fries with gravy and mozzarella
 waffle couch

The Bacon Explosion

Two pounds of bacon woven through and around two pounds of sausage and slathered in barbecue sauce.
Bacon explosion
Bob Evens Sausage Gravy Machine
sausage gravy machine




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Vicky 刘宁 said...

gosh myst3, i feel very fat now... T.T the corndog pizza should be "Fish King Pizza" T.T me want FKP...