Tuesday, February 23, 2010

95% Complete

Life is all about choices.

Yes or no

Coffee or tea

Soft drinks or water

Western or Eastern

Car or public transport

Bali or Penang

and etc.

Choices are there to be made, and one made those choices because that was the choices he/she feels happy about.

it seems fair to say that life is all about choices,




i disagree with the statement.

Along the path of my life, not everything comes with a choice.  It is not a choice anymore when it was decided long ago.


I have choose not to choose when deep down  it was already decided.  be it fate?  be it revenge?  be it love?  be it desire?  be it sorrow?  it is not a question anymore but a statement.


Time was never a factor with any choices, it’s never too late for anything but when that decision was made, it changes everything. 


To love and care for someone it doesn’t involve dictating how another person should live their life.  They have the freedom to choose how they are going to live their life.  Love doesn’t mean controlling, dictating or punishment.


it was decided long ago and truth is sometimes hurtful. 


Time for some picture hey! 

Everyone knows i love lion dance.

Lion during CNY is a MUST

 P190210_17.41[02]P190210_17.42P190210_17.39[01] P190210_17.40 P190210_17.40[01] P190210_17.41 P190210_17.41[01]   P190210_17.44   P190210_17.56    P190210_19.03 

Only stock the finest bottle


P190210_19.08 P190210_19.09

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