Monday, October 22, 2007

Survival Guide in Oversea : $0 cost Dinner

Alright guys, imagine this. You’re a student and you’ve just spent your last hundred bucks on booze on your university pub crawl event. You’ve called your parents to send over some emergency money. After long hours of persuading (a.k.a lying about how living expenses are high in overseas), they finally agree to send over some money. Now, here’s the thing. You won’t get money at least 1-2 days, you’re extremely penniless and hungry now. What to do??

Well, let me introduce you the $0 cost dinner. At least it will solve your hungry for a while.

First, you’ll need a way to get your entire ingredients to cook the $0 cost Dinner. I will list them down one by one to get them. You’ll need

1. A packet of instant noodle, at here, I will use Daddy 3 in 1 chicken flavor noodle (only found in Sarawak) for demo. One might argue that instant noodle cost money too, but honestly, I am pretty sure you’ll find some instant noodle hiding in the cupboard for now, also I bet you house mate will have instant noodle lying around in the kitchen, right?? Just “borrow” a packet of instant noodle from him.

2. 2 crab sticks, couple calamari pieces, and some frozen peas and corn. How do I get this ingredient $0?? Well, use your brain, go out more, socialize more! Every time when your housemates go out grocery shopping, you should convince them to buy “necessity”. You should be telling them how delicious those seafood taste, or even name a few good restaurant who uses those as ingredient. E.g. “Remember the time when we went to ABC steam pot restaurant and we had those crab sticks and calamari pieces?? Yeah…these are the ones we had before, and it tasted so good”. Finger crossed that they will pay for those ingredient, thinking that they going to enjoy it for themselves only.

Now, just “borrow” whatever ingredient you could find in the fridge that belongs to your housemate. As for my case, I’ve got all I need to cook up a meal.

instant noodle – checked
2 crab sticks – checked
couple of calamari pieces – checked
corn and peas – checked.

Now, cut the crab sticks into bitable portion. Chuck crab sticks and the calamari pieces into a pot and bring it to a boil.

When it has start boiling, put in corn, peas, noodle cake and those flavour sachets in.

Let everything boil, food will be ready when noodles are soft
And woila…dinner is served.

I have to admit it tastes great. In this meal, you’ll have your carbohydrate, your protein, your veges, and most importantly, your lethal dose of MSG. So next time if you run out of money, why not try the “MYST3’s $0 Dinner”

Just don't get caught while "borrowing" the ingredients. Remember to "wipe your mouth"!!!!