Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To Eat or Not to Eat..!

I was faced with a big dilemma today. This was what happened:
I found the packet of chips I was searching for, for a while now. I always thought I bought it the other day at the supermarket, just didn’t end up finding it. It's Arnott's Tasty Thins Potato Chips with Seasoned Chicken flavour. Just looking at it makes you hungry, doesn't it?
It was misplaced together with my canned food, I normally put my chips in my junk food area. Initially I was happy that I found the missing chips, but when I turned at the back side of the packaging.
I found this
This packet of chips has expired on 19th January 2007, today's 17th April, that makes it expired for nearly 3 months.
Now the big dilemma: to eat or not to eat….that's the question to be answered.

Hehe! I've decided to consume the expired product. As if the chips going to make me sick (touch wood)! I'll let you guys know if I am ok or not.

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