Thursday, April 19, 2007

Aftermath of Expired Chips – Hospital!!

Guys, I don’t think I can blog for the next few days. I have been admitted to the hospital, and was diagnosed with category 2 food poisoning. I think it was from the expired chips that I have consumed couple days ago. Within a few hours of consuming the chips, I was vomiting, diarrhoea. Whatever stuff I put into my stomach, it would come out either from vomiting or diarrhoea. I have got to a point that I found myself fallen asleep sitting at the toilet bowl 3am in the morning.
Haha! I don’t think I can continue any further, Nar! The expired chips didn’t put me in hospital, if anything, the chips actually left me with sensation of satisfied, fulfilled my deepest desire which I have been longing for (It is that good!--- I am just exaggerating).
I thought the quality of the chips will somehow be different when it is 3 months over the best before date, but Nope! The chips taste no different, at least for some one like me who couldn’t differential the quality. While eating those chips, I looked at the date again, thinking it might be date of production. But once again it was a best before date.
Then it got me thinking!
Who would held liable for a person who consumed expired product and end up in hospital? Would it be the person who consumed or the manufacture? For the first time, I actually read every fine print on the packaging. What is the definition of “best before date”? Alright, the product is best before a certain date. Then how about after those printed date? It doesn’t say do not consume and, it certainly doesn’t say it’s poison after those date. All it says is “BEST BEFORE XX/XX/XX”. So after those best before date, is the product consumable? Quality be different? (in this case, I don’t think there was any difference in terms of quality) Fatal to consume? Consume at own risk??
I always hear people say: “if the food product is expired, throw them away”. My question is WHY? Say, if I have thrown away perfectly edible food, wouldn’t it be a waste? Oh oh….an idea actually popped into my mind..!
I think all product should have
Best before date – 19th April 2007
Still edible before date – 19th October 2007
Consume at own risk after 19th October 2007


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