Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man Sleeps with Dead Wife for Five Years

They say love knows no boundaries, but this is taking it a little too

far. A Vietnamese man has been sleeping next to his wife's corpse for the

last five sleeps with dead wife

Le Van, a 55-year-old man from Quang Nam province, Vietnam, lost his wife

in 2003. Because he couldn't go to sleep at night without hugging his  

beloved spouse, he slept on top of her grave for about 20 months. When he

couldn't stand the rain and wind anymore, he decided to dig a tunnel into

the grave, so he could sleep with his wife.


When the kids heard his crazy plan, they did everything they could to  

stop him, so Le Van had to think of another way he could cuddle up to his

wife at night.

man dead corpe

In 2004 he unearthed her remains, wrapped them in pieces

of paper and a clay mould and put a dummy mask on her with dead wife man with dead wife2The man has

been sleeping next to his dead wife ever since.    man sleep with dead wife

 dead wife bone