Saturday, August 22, 2009

When Mechanics Attack

Taking your car to a repair shop is like going to a doctor. You expect to be treated professionally and have your problems fixed. But sometimes doctors make terrible mistakes, such as amputating the wrong leg or leaving a scalpel in your body. Mechanics are no different. Here are some extreme examples of mechanics gone bad:

The Basics: Car Liftmini cooper mechanic trash

You would think most me chanics would be extra careful when it comes to exotic cars. These pictures prove otherwise. Here's a $300,000 Bentley Azure "resting" on its side.

This mechanic didn't read the owner's manual for jacking up a Lotus Elise


The "Test" Drive

ferrari crashed


Most mechanics will test the car out after a major tune-up or repair to make sure everything works correctly. Some take the test a little too far...

Like the mechanic who drove this Acura NSX up to 110 mph and crashed it through a fence.

... or this mechanic who lost control and drove a customer's Lamborghini Diablo up a curb and into a wall

crashed lamborgini 1



This mechanic had just finished fixing a small scratch on the side of this $450,000 Porsche Carrera GT. Of course he had to "test" the car out to make sure the car was still aerodynamic. Too bad he made the problem worse.

crashed ferraricrashed ferrari 2

And the Winner Is...crashed lamborgini

This mechanic who managed to destroy one of the rarest vehicles in the world. crash lamborgini A $500,000 Bugatti EB110! He was test driving the car after an annual checkup. Unfortunately it was raining and he wasn't very careful.


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