Saturday, February 21, 2009

CNY Entertainment

Got this for CNY
What is this?
Each box containing 100 thousands Fire Cracker
I've got not 1 not 2, but 3 boxes of it.
each "retailed" for RM380,
But i've got it cheap cheap...
(due to this "favor" i've done for him)
Sweet bunch of fire crackersContaining a combo of small medium and large crackers It is quite heavy thou.
Weighting around 5kg per box

To be honest, i thought it would be longer. the actual is about 5 metres length
and the Aftermath

One box down,

2 to go

they are louder than the normal ones!!

Quite noisy if you ask me, but hey!! It's Chinese New Year

The noisier the merrier!!


Alec said...

u still in sibu ah?

j|g said...

LOL i only got the normal one to lit. still left 2 boxes at home probably for next cny :D

Dodo said...

i've got two boxes of those though.yea it was loud enough and yeah.. heavier as i expected that the hanger we used to hang it on was twisted into half.

woot woot. but ain't know how mch my family bought it at.

LWJ said...

wow. so hiong.. anwyay, i have changed my blog to only.. without the "/blog" directory..thx