Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Powar

A few days ago, I went out and bought couple of upgrades.
these are what I bought

A 4 ports PCI card
additional SATA 750Gb and a 2Gb Memory Ram

trying to DYI them myself

here's the finish product of the PCI card

Now, here comes the technical question:

1. My motherboard supports both IDE hard disk and SATA hard disk. My original data and xp were installed in my original IDE hard disk, and I wonder if there's any conflict doing so? I mean i've installed it, everything seems to work fine, but i do find loading xp longer than before. Oh and also, when i try to transfer two folders into my new Hard disk, it seems to take Gazillion years for them to finish, but when I do it one folder at a time, it works ok. (e.g. at one occasion i transfered two folder into the new HDD (about 10Gb, and another about 6GB), it took about 1 and half hour.
then i tried tranfering one folder of 10Gb, it only took 15-20 minutes)
are these normal?

2. Some fxxktard told me over cbox that it's ok to install additional 2GB and plug it beside my original 1GB memory to make it a total of 3GB. I tried that, and realised that the computer only picks up the 2 GB memory and it crashed on me once (dunno if it is the memory problem or not).

Then later I found out that (from the internet again), I shouldn't combine different memory amount on both slot meaning I will need to use both same amount memory on both slot (e.g 2 x 1GB or 2 x 2GB, rather 1GB and 2GB together).

So who's right, who's wrong?
all you computer men, comments?

I've pulled out my 1GB memory to prevent computer from crashing if that's the cause (yet to find out if it crash again)

Yeah....I now have a total of 1 TB and 2GB Powar (i thought i would have 3GB),

On different note,
I also bought a pair of sneaker.
it's an Onitsuka Tiger
Mexican 66 BAJA
it was on discount so I bought it.

I saw a similar one in Petaling street(Kuala Lumpur) a year ago, i think the brand was "Puma" or "Addidas"


Anonymous said...

lols myst3...
u should noe IDE has a transfer rate of ±1/3 of sata's, and that might only be the reading part, not the writing part. normally writing is slower than reading by a few times in flash drive's case, not sure bout these thou
anyways, under normal conditions, those rams should work well, although i had a few eyars ago tried tat out, and dunno for fucks' reason one of the older one went hangus lols..

Myst3 said...

Anonymous: I've pulled out my 1 GB ram out, and everything works well now. just i find that my loading is much slower than i used to. i wonder if there's anyway to make it fast.